Material of the TechPitch

– The! TechPitch is produced in one piece, no glue seams have been used.

All the lines are immediately deployed during the production in this way you get one whole and you make a strong product.

– The quality of the pitch can be compared to a normal water hockey field and an exit field on the Golf Course.

– The product is standard in the color green / white available but if you want a different color this is  possible at an additional cost. Technical data.

– Type of yarn: Polyethylene Texturized (type of yarn)

– Dtex: 6600 (is the strength of the fiber)

– Pile Height: 15 mm (pile height)

– Stitch Rate: 300 (number of stitches per 100 cm)

– Gauge: 4.7 mm (driving distance)

– Backing: Latex